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Frequently Asked Question

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Can you use the service without the box?

No, because the Superbox has unique hardware that makes the service runs smoothly and free of charge.

Does it require connecting WiFi?

To ensure HD streaming smoothly, we recommend that the TV box stays close to the WiFi router, with at least 25 -100 Mbps internet speed.

How many TVs can access the same box at the same time?

One TV accesses One box. Currently, the Multi-screen feature is unavailable. However, our developers are doing their best to see if we can get a suitable partner for this feature to use our services.

Do you need a smart tv?

You don’t need a smart tv. All you need is a TV with AV or HDMI input and an internet connection.

What is the range distance from the box for optimum viewing on a TV?

The box requires HDMI ( include in the package) to connect with the TV. The closer, the better

Do we offer trading up or upgrade?

We currently don’t offer any trading up or upgrade.

Is SuperBox legal?

SuperBox is a legal android device. We provide hardware. It is up to customers’ choices to install Apps.

Watching movies, TV shows, and sports events won’t violate U.S.& Canada Copyright law.

You won’t encounter a law issue unless uploading, downloading, or broadcasting content to a large group.